Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Starting a Business

Ever thought about starting your own business? If you have, there are free resources that can help you get started. You’ll find everything from financing options to learning how to legally establish your business.
Since people have lots of questions about getting started, the Small Business Administration (SBA) recently launched a new online course for young entrepreneurs that introduces the basics of creating and financing a successful business. While this free course is designed for young entrepreneurs, it is suitable for anyone interested in opening their own small business. The course is also available in Spanish.
Financing and counseling
SBA not only helps you start your business with free online tools and courses but also has agreements with financial institutions to help facilitate loans to small businesses through small business development centers or SBDCs, that offer help in all aspects of business planning.
After deciding to start a business and taking courses to familiarize yourself with the basics, you could then find assistance in your area and sit down with a loan expert that will help you prepare a business plan for a bank loan.
If you have questions about these online learning tools or the courses offered, you can also get in touch with the SBA directly by emailing
The Library also offers a wide variety of resources on the topic. Stop by and talk to a librarian for help!

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