Monday, December 08, 2014

Books to Movies: January 2015

A new year is almost here and that means a whole new set of books to read before they hit the big screen! Here’s what hitting the screen in January:

Book: Women in Black by Susan Hill
Film: Women in Black 2, Angel of Death
Release Date: January 2nd

Book: All you Zombies by Robert A. Heinlein (short story)
Film: Predestination
Release Date:  January 9th

Book: The World Made Straight by Ron Rash
Film: The World Made Straight
Release Date: January 9th

Book: A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond
Film: Paddington
Release Date: January 16th

Book: The Humbling by Philip Roth
Film: The Humbling
Release Date: January 23rd

Book:  The Mortdecai Trilogy written by Kyril Bonfiglioli
Film: Mortdecai
Release Date: January 23rd

I’m looking forward to Paddington, just because I grew up reading Paddington books. Which movie will you be watching? Do you plan on reading the book before or after?

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