Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kids and violence

In this world of bullying, violent video games, and music glorifying violent acts it’s hard to raise non-violent children. has written a blog post which provides some useful information regarding risk factors and parent resources. Here are some highlights:

At Home
From an early age, young people could be exposed to:
·         Violent behavior between parents
·         Severe punishments
·         Parents who are frequently absent or don’t pay attention to their children
·         Rejection or emotional distance from parents
·         A broken home

At School
Youth may exhibit behavioral problems such as:
·         Teasing or bullying other students
·         Skipping class
·         Exhibiting either aggressive or introverted behavior
·         Difficulty concentrating or exhibiting hyperactive behavior
·         Developing learning issues or failing classes

In Society
Young people could be considered violent if they:
·         Harass or provoke kids that are their same age or younger
·         Have been arrested before age 14 for committing a crime
·         Belong to a gang or other violent group
·         Take drugs or drink alcohol
·         Have been treated for psychological or emotional issues

Now that we know the warning signs, how do we prevent our children from growing up to be violent teens or adults? Here are some resources:

STRYVE is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national initiative helping families and communities prevent youth violence. is a collaboration among 18 government agencies that supports programs and services for the prevention of youth violence.

Find more resources at the Library, such as books for parents and children’s books which from violence, bullying, and aggressive behaviors.

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