Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Be Ready! September is National Preparedness Month

We all know it could happen, the BIG ONE, yet how many of us are prepared for an emergency? September is National Preparedness Month, a month-long reminder to prepare our family for an emergency. What should you do to prepare?
·        Get a Kit
Build an emergency kit, with basic disaster survival supplies, for your home, office, and car. What should be in your kit? Here’s a list from
·        Make a Plan
Make a plan with family and friends; plan where to meet in an emergency. Remember you may not all be together when an emergency strikes. Here’s some information on developing a family disasterplan.
·        Be Informed
Know where and how to access reliable information in an emergency. Local authorities will provide you with shelter and evacuation information. Stay abreast of information via websites, newspapers, radio, TV, and phone. Register with Ready America for more personalized resources and information.
·        Get Involved
Preparation can involve much more than building an emergency kit. Prepare by taking first aid and emergency response training classes. Visit Citizens Corps for class and training ideas.

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