Friday, August 29, 2014

Foto Friday

This week was back to school for most Arcadia students. Although we don’t see as many school buses trucking kids back and forth from home and school it was a common sight in the 1920s, as can be seen from the photo below:

Photograph courtesy of the Arcadia History Collection,
Arcadia Public Library, #823

This 1924 photo above shows a close view of a school bus across which is painted: Arcadia City School. At the side near front of the bus is a man in a business suit (not Ralph Atkinson) adjusting a louvered window.  At left is a girl named Jean Hutchinson, with a beret on her head, about to get on the bus. This picture was taken on Bonita Street near her home.
The Arcadia Tribune ran a story featuring long-time bus driver Ralph Atkinson on December 10, 1959.
Ralph Atkinson knew what it took to be a good driver. He had been working for the Arcadia Unified School District for 8 years by 1959, when he celebrated a career milestone -- his 40th year of accident-free bus driving.
What was his secret to getting 600 Arcadia students to school safely everyday? He avoided accidents by never challenging another driver for the right of way and never speeding up the bus for impatient drivers behind him. These were certainly good, timeless safety guidelines.

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