Friday, July 25, 2014

Foto Friday

The summer of 1967 is often referred to as the “Summer of Love.” What started off as a hippie counterculture movement in San Francisco quickly spread to other parts of the country, like here in Arcadia. The basic defining principle of the hippie era was the belief that humans are free to do whatever they want as long as they remain socially responsible. Hippies espoused the ideals of peace and love. They organized “love-ins,” like the one shown here, to join with others to express universal love.

Photograph courtesy of the Arcadia History Collection, Arcadia Public Library (#1013). Photograph by Milton Bell of Monrovia.

This photograph, taken by Milton Bell of Monrovia on June 4, 1967, shows a large group of people gathered at a “love-in” at Arcadia County Park. Prominent in the center of the group are a young woman and man wearing non-traditional clothing, while others wear the bold floral and paisley patterns that emerged as the fashion motif of the hippie generation. Individuals playing the tambourine and the conga and bongo drums provide a groovy backdrop to a photograph that truly captures the pulse of that day. Can’t you just smell the incense and peppermint? 

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