Friday, May 30, 2014

Foto Friday: Merget’s Malt Shop

On a hot day like today nothing hits the spot better than a big ol' scoop of ice cream. Clearly, as demonstrated in the photo below, this was also true in the 1930's.

Photograph courtesy of the Arcadia History Collection, Arcadia Public Library.  ID#841 (June-July 2012)

In 1933, Bob Merget bought a malt shop from his brother Jack Merget. Jack gave Bob the formula, which contained 22% cream and pure fruit flavors. Bob made his own ice cream at a small plant behind his Arcadia home. In this 1935 photograph, Bob Merget (left) and employee Torval Yates are shown in front of Merget's Malt Shop, located at 111 E. Huntington Drive in Arcadia, California. To kick off the summer, free cones were given to all youngsters on May Day. The children would line up clear around the block all day. Plenty of children tried to get seconds but “Big Hearted Bob” treated everyone as a new face. The Merget’s malt cost 10 cents and the hamburger and fries cost 15 cents. Bob Merget sold the malt shop in 1940.

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