Thursday, June 20, 2013

Library Finds: The Cool, the Odd, and the Curious

This month’s library find is a fun book that teaches you how to make a zombie! I know what you’re thinking,: Does that really say “make your own zombie”? Yes it does! Take a look at this fun book by Frank Swain: How to make a zombie: the real life (and death) science of reanimation and mind control.
This book has it all: dog heads brought back to life without their bodies; secret agents dosing targets with zombie drugs; parasites that push their hosts to suicide; bulls and rats commanded by remote control; city streets designed to quell violent thoughts; and viruses that take over the body and won’t let go. Packed with untold stories moldering in the corners of archives and labs, How to Make a Zombie is a mind-bending, entertaining excavation of incredible science.

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