Thursday, June 27, 2013

Foto Friday!

It’s time for our historic photo of the month! Ready?
There is no doubt summer is here. The hot summer days are here and to cool off you might try visiting the Norman S. Johnson Aquatics Center located at Arcadia County Park. Even in the 1950s this was the place to go. Take a look at this historic photo showing children and adults cooling off at the Arcadia County Park swimming pool in the 1950s.  

While this heat may feel overwhelming this summer’s weather is mild compared to the record-breaking 112-degree heat that baked Arcadia residents on August 7, 1983 and again on September 4, 1988. Fortunately the Arcadia County Park has a public pool that anybody can use. Call 821-4621 for more information regarding pool hours and rules.

And if swimming not your thing stop by the library and read a good book in our air conditioned building!

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