Saturday, June 29, 2013

Don’t Pay, It’s Free @ Your Library

Our newest library resource is RefUSA. What does this free resource mean for you? ReferenceUSA is a directory. Many people just use it to locate business and residential information, however, RefUSA offers so much more! What else can it offer?
  • Small-business/ Entrepreneurs- Conduct powerful market research. Select a location and do a radius search to look up the number of similar businesses in the area. Check the strength of the competition with years in business and credit rating. Look for businesses to buy or connect with fellow business owners.
  • Job seekers- Locate and research companies they want to work for. Details on 14 million U.S. Businesses including 200,000 human resource contact names, business descriptions, company size and website links to job postings are available.
  • Movers- Find schools, childcare, churches,  doctors and other services. Research neighborhoods they want to move to. Plus check home values and median income to see how they will compare to their new neighbors.

Clearly, ReferenceUSA is a powerful tool which offers a wide variety of useful services. You can access this resource from home. Follow this link and be prepared to enter you library card number. If you need help using this resource don’t hesitate, ask a librarian for help! 

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