Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Organ and Tissue Donation

April is Donate Life Month. Learn the facts about organ and tissue donation and consider becoming a donor.
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Donating to Science
If you wish to donate your entire body to medical science, you should contact the facility of your choice to make arrangements. Medical schools need bodies to teach medical students about anatomy, and research facilities need them to study disease processes so they can create cures.
Please note: Because the bodies used for these purposes generally must be complete with all their organs and tissues, organ donation is not an option. Some programs, however, make exceptions. You can inform your family that organ donation is your first choice, but if it is found that you are not medically suitable for organ donation, your family can carry out your wishes for whole body donation.

Federal Employees and Organ Donation
The Organ Donor Leave Act, passed by Congress in 1999, increased the amount of leave time for a federal employee who wishes to be a donor. The law allows up to seven days of paid leave for bone marrow donation and up to 30 days of paid leave for living organ donation.

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