Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playaways, Views and Scholastic BookFlix

New additions to the Jerry Broadwell Children's Room Collection

Playaways - Listen to books in an all-in-one portable audiobook format. Just plug in your earbuds and listen to a story. The collection consists of unabridged titles ranging from Clifford's Summertime Friends collection, Stone Fox, Eragon and even Al Capone Does My Shirts as well as many more children's classics.

Views - These all-in-one multimedia devices allow children to listen, watch or read their favorite classic book. These portable devices are just perfect for car trips too.

Scholastic BookFlix - Available at the Library or remotely, with a valid Arcadia Public Library card, this fun online program helps your child build a love of reading and learning by watching a classic children's story and exploring the subject through a paired non-fiction book.

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