Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Digitized Local History Treasures

The City of Arcadia celebrated its 75th birthday in 1978. At that time, articles that looked at the City’s history ran in the Arcadia Tribune and other worthwhile projects were undertaken. In September 1978, the grand celebration for the Diamond Jubilee was held. A community breakfast, a parade, even a gala ball were given in Arcadia’s honor.

One of the projects was a pamphlet, entitled "By Gads! This is Paradise: The Story of Arcadia, California," written by Richard E. Miller, former City of Arcadia Librarian, and published by the Home Federal Savings and Loan. Through a Library Services Technology Act (LSTA) grant, the Department of Library and Museum Services of the City of Arcadia was able to have this interesting piece of Arcadia history digitized. Take a look!

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